[rrd-developers] New "function" in CDEF section -- patch

Glenn MacGregor gtm at highstreetnetworks.com
Fri Jan 24 19:09:08 MET 2003

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Hi All,

Thanks for the wonderful product, rrdtool is amazing!  I have attached a =
patch (which I hope will make it into the distro) that allows a function =
to be loaded from a dynamic library and called as a CDEF.  The new CDEF =
syntax is CDEF:value=3DCALL(var,path/to/so, functionname).

Function prototype:=20
double func1(double *valueArray, time_t *timeArray, long cnt, long step)

Return is meant to be put on the stack
Argument 1 is an array of values representing all values from start to =
current row.
Argument 2 is the corresponding timestampes for each value.
Argument 3 is the array count.
Argument 4 is the step interval.

This seems to be a useful addition to rrdtool to allow for any =

Please consider incorporating this patch in the standard distribution.


            Glenn MacGregor

This patch only represents the code changes, I also changed the =
configure.in file to incorporate the necessary checks for libdl.

configure.in change:  add AC_CHECK_LIB(dl, dlopen)
I am not too familiar with the autoconf tools so this may not the =
correct, or more may need to be done.  From what I can tell, this check =
will write #define HAVE_DL 1 in the config/config.h and append -ldl to =
the makefiles if successful and #undef HAVE_DL if not successful.

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