[rrd-developers] rrd_graph patch for nice log gridlines

Beat Zahnd beat.zahnd at phim.unibe.ch
Fri Jun 13 19:18:03 MEST 2003

This patch gives nice log-plots even if data is very dynamic (e.g. 
1.0e-9 to 1.0e+3).

There is a working version for 1.0.40. This patch is not working. There 
seem to be changes in ytr() since 1.0.40.

In 1.0.40patched the y value for the draw funtion is:

         value = yloglab[mid][flab] * pow(10.0, val_exp);
         polyPoints[0].y = ytr(im, value);

in this patch:

         value = yloglab[mid][flab] * pow(10.0, val_exp);
         Y0 = ytr(im, value / yloglab[mid][flab]);

but the lines where placed only on even positions (1e-5 with a plot 
range from 1e-6 to 2e-5). Is there some rounding in ytr().

         Y0 = ytr(im, value);

no gridlines get plotted....



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