[rrd-developers] PATCH: rrd_diff() and negative COUNTER/DERIVE datasource values

Sasha Mikheev sasha at avalon-net.co.il
Tue Mar 4 21:00:15 MET 2003


rrd_diff() does not produce correct result when 2 values are negative or
have different
signs. Some of the vendors (N*****k A*******e) have mibs where counter
values can be negative.
Also DERIVE datasource must work correctly even when both measurements are

Attached small patch against latest stable rrdtool to rrd_diff.c fixes the
case when 2 values are negative. Fixing the last case does not
have much practical value.

As a side question i wonder why not to convert function parameters to double
using strtod() and
then return the difference ?

 Sasha Mikheev

 Avalon Net Ltd, CTO
 +972-50-481787, +972-4-8210307

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