[rrd-developers] Patch to enable MySQL data access for rrd_graph

Greg Bailey gbailey at lxpro.com
Fri May 2 07:11:36 MEST 2003

Hello all,
Attached is a patch to rrdtool 1.0.42 to allow specifying a MySQL 
database as a datasource for the rrd_fetch and rrd_graph commands.  This 
is my first attempt at making modifications to rrdtool, although I'm a 
long-time user.

This patch modifies rrdtool by supplying a "rrd-mysql" directory in the 
contrib directory.  I assume that most people won't to build MySQL 
support into rrdtool by default, so I don't modify Makefiles, etc.  If 
and when this patch is accepted for the next release of rrdtool, the end 
user who wants to try this functionality can patch the rrdtool source 
with the "rrd-mysql.patch" patch file that is supplied in the above 
mentioned contrib/rrd-mysql directory.

Sorry for the confusion involved with having a patch within a patch; but 
to summarize:  the attached file is for the rrdtool maintainers.  Of the 
newly created files, one of them is another patch that would be used by 
the end-user to actually add MySQL access to rrdtool.

I would welcome any feedback, criticism, suggestions, etc.
Greg Bailey

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