[rrd-developers] RRA's for daily updates vs 5 min updates

jmkeith at uark.edu jmkeith at uark.edu
Sat Nov 22 19:48:39 MET 2003

Good Afternoon,
    I've used rrdtool for a couple years now, primarily working on graphs that are updated in 5 minute steps.    I've recently endeavoured on graphing page counts on our access lab printers.  I've compiled the last year's worth of daily printer totals, and basically can't get the output I'm desiring.
    I believe the problem lies in my RRA specifications when creating the RRD.  I've attempted various RRA's without any luck.  
    I am curious if what I'm attempting to do can be done with rrdtool, I feel that it definitely can, and since I've used it so much over the years I prefer to use rrdtool.
    Currently page counts are being done on a daily basis, and in some instances days are missed.  I accounted for that by putting Unknowns in the days missed.  So, for a year period, all days are accounted for, but some days have unknown values, which I figured would be better than large gaps in the db.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Jay M. Keith (jmkeith at uark.edu)

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