[rrd-developers] vdef in area causes Segmentation fault

Martin Leja Martin.Leja at mpluss.de
Tue Sep 23 16:32:59 MEST 2003


i gather data from a traffic counter and want to display the total amount of
transfered data per time unit (in the example per day). I'm using the
current development snapshot (rrdtool-cvs-snap.tar.gz  2003-09-21) because
of the new vdef feature. If i try to generate a graph with:

rrdtool graph $graph \
--title="traffic per day" \
--start $start \
--end $end \
DEF:a=$db:all:AVERAGE:start=$(date -d2000-01-02 +%s):end=$(date -d2000-01-03
+%s) \
AREA:t#0000ff:"all" \
GPRINT:t:"some day\: %.0lf%sB total"

the program terminates with a seg. fault error message. Exchanging the above
area statement with AREA:a#0000ff:"all" works, but is not what i want. The
complete code with generation of the db, update of the db with test data and
the generation of the graph is available at
http://mycms.biz/rrdtool_test.txt as bash script.

i suspect it's a bug, or can't i use a vdef in an area statement in the
above manner?

Regards, martin.leja at mpluss.de

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