[rrd-developers] Patch: Generic solution allowing rrdtool starting through symlinks called rrdcreate, rrdgraph, rrdupdate and similar...

Flemming Kjaer Jensen fkj at tomat.net
Sun Apr 18 15:43:27 MEST 2004

Patch for TODO item: "allow starting through symlinks called rrdcreate
rrdtune and the like"
I have implemented a generic solution for the symlink TODO item: If
the basename of argv[0] is not "rrdtool" we expect it to be a rrd*
symlink where rrd* is the string "rrd" suffixed by "*", which can be
anything even the empty string. A new argv structure is created based
on the system initiated argv structure. The only difference in the new
argv structure is that argv[0] is rrdtool and argv[1] is the "*"
suffix of the original system argv[0]. This means that we rely on the
existing source code to warn the user if the command in argv[1] is

An example

   system argv[0] = "rrdfetch"


  argv[0] = "rrdtool"
  argv[1] = "fetch"

and all other arguments are copied unmodified to the new argv structure.

I had to modify some parts of the source tree in order to make the cvs
snapshot compile on my Debian workstation. Later I will try to make
the patch work on freebsd to check that everything plays along nicely.

In addition to changes to src/rrd_tool.c, src/rrd_tool.h, configure.ac
and config.h.in I also had to modify Makefile.am because I see that we
different versions of the autotools suite; rrd_restore.c uses the
O_BINARY definition which does not show up on my Linux workstation and
cannot seem to find it in <bits/fcntl.h>

  autoconf --version: 2.59
  automake --version: 1.7.9

Last but not least TODO and CONTRIBUTORS were touched in the right

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