[rrd-developers] Re: data -> Nan conversion in reduce_data()

James Kingston james.kingston at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 23:13:57 MET 2004

A further update to my previous message... I'm not sure if it was even
delivered, because I never recieved a copy.  Does the list software
remove the sender from the recipient list?
My previous message mentioned that we were using the graphing function
to calculate averages across arbitrary time ranges using a CDEF that
converted NaNs to zeros.  We discovered when looking at a time range
that contained all 100's that some of the samples were being converted
to NaNs, which our CDEF would convert to zero, which would throw off
the average.

I tracked it down to the reduce_data function, where the leftovers at
each end of the time range, after the data reduction, were being
discarded by converting them to NaN.

The attached patch adds the --no-squish parameter, which skips
reduce_data and makes the PRINT commands base their calculations on
the original samples between the requested start and end.  Feel free
to pick it apart or ignore it if it's not useful to the project in the



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-- URL : http://www.ee.ethz.ch/~slist/p/rrd_graph.c.diff

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