[rrd-developers] Re: RRD File format question

Mark Mills mark at xodiax.com
Thu Nov 18 19:58:33 MET 2004

Short answer: look at the docs for rrdtool's "fetch" command: 

Long answer:
Rrdtool also has a "dump" command that will pour out the entire DB in 
xml form but that is generally overkill for uses like this.  Depending 
on your application and needs, you could also set up a rra for daily or 
monthly "max" consolidation that would always have the data for you. 
Look at the docs for rrdtool create and notice how the derived RRAs with 
consolidation functions work. You might get rrdtool to do 90% of the 
work and just pluck one number out of a quick fetch command.

Saqib bin Sohail wrote:

>I have tons of rrd files, each file is associated with 1 Wireless AP
>in my installations. The RRD keeps track of the number of wireless
>users on each AP. I want to go through all these files and find if
>there was any instant when the AP had more than x users.
>I would be writing a script which goes into all files, but the rrd
>file format is alien to me so is there a way I can learn that or is
>there any easier way.
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