[rrd-developers] Alpha transparency

Auke van Leeuwen Auke.van.Leeuwen at redwood.com
Tue Apr 5 15:10:30 MEST 2005


First of: great program. I've been looking at this list every once in a
while over the last 2 years or so; mainly to see if any updates came in.
I've been looking for a way to plot the AREAs in my graphs
(half-)transparent. Therefore I was really happy to see the following in
the RC2 version of the 1.2 release:

auke bin # ./rrdtool graph
RRDtool 1.2rc2  Copyright 1997-2005 by Tobias Oetiker <tobi at oetiker.ch>
               Compiled Tue Apr  5 10:47:46 CEST 2005

I had been playing around with the --color option before which does have
transparency support, however not the kind I wanted. This (#rrggbb[aa])
looked like it worked the same way and so I tried it out, but.. Nothing!
I just get a couple of lines (which seem to be transparent btw) where
the top of my AREA should have been and although you could argue that IS
indeed transparent ;-) it's not the kind I have in mind.

My question is whether or not this is a 'bug' in the documentation, a
bug in the code. Anyways I wanted to post to this list rather then the
users list since it seems to be buggy one way or another and since this
is allready release candicate 2 I just wanted to mention it.

As a matter of fact I have seen a post about this earlier (2002) where
the guy mentions the same behaviour, but since this time it's even in
the argument-list of the command itself I wanted to know IF it's still
gonna be implemented.


PS. There is of course the possibility that I'm doing something wrong
:-P. I _have_ however tried any possible combination that I could think
of (the latest one being: 
/usr/local/rrdtool-1.2rc2/bin/rrdtool graph \
  images/test.png \
  --start -1week --end -5min -w 600 -h 250 -v "Load average"  \
  --title "Load average(s) for cpu1 (last week)" \
ave__5:AVERAGE  \
ave_15:AVERAGE  \
  CDEF:area_2=average__5,.6,+  \
  CDEF:area_3=average__5,.4,+  \
  CDEF:area_1=average__5,.2,+  \
  AREA:area_1#ff0000  \
  AREA:area_2#ff0000aa:"Test":"STACK"  \

(For the latest test I tried with STACK and 'legend', but I've tried
without in all sorts of combinations.)

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