[rrd-developers] rrd_info_r(), rrd.h, and graph() problems

Mark Probert probertm at acm.org
Thu Jul 28 23:12:04 MEST 2005

Hi ..

I am new to rrdtool and have started my adventure by rewriting the Ruby
binding. So far, so good, it is almost done.  However, there are a few
things that I have noticed and have me wondering.

1. I assume that the wave of the future is the thread-safe routines and
that I should be using these by preference.  Are there plans on
converting the remaining functions to their thread-safe version?

2. I notice that rrd_dump() spits to stdout using printf() statements.
This makes throwing the output to a file from within a script a little
more tricky than it needs to be, assuming that the function took a file
descriptor, defaulting to stdout.  I guess this is a change request or a
submission.  What is the process for either?

3. I notice that rrd_info() and its associated structs are found in
rrd_tool.h, rather than rrd.h.  The function binding is in the library
both for the rrd_info() and rrd_info_r() (the prototype is missing from
the header file for rrd_info_r()).  Would it be bad to move the
definitions to rrd.h?

Lastly, I am experiencing problems with rrd_graph().  For some reason,
it seems to be having problems with any drawing parameters, complaining
of vname errors.  Is there anyway of finding out what it is getting
internally?  For example, I get the following error when I pass the
shown argv:

$ ruby minmax.rb
generating graph minmax.png
 --> minmax.png
 --> DEF:a=minmax.rrd:ds_0:AVERAGE
 --> DEF:b=minmax.rrd:ds_0:MIN
 --> DEF:c=minmax.rrd:ds_0:MAX
 --> --title
 -->  minmax Demo
 --> --start
 --> now
 --> --end
 --> start+1d
 --> --lower-limit=0
 --> --interlace
 --> --imgformat
 --> PNG
 --> --width=450
 --> AREA:a#00b6e4:real
 --> LINE1:b#0022e9:min
 --> LINE1:c#000000:max
minmax.rb:40:in `graph': Not a valid vname: a in line AREA:a#00b6e4:real
        from minmax.rb:40

Any help appreciated.

Many thanks,

-mark.  (probertm at acm dot org)

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