[rrd-developers] GD in rrdtool 1.2

John yffffffff4271ef37 at f4n.org
Sun May 8 15:13:54 MEST 2005

In my continuing mission to abolish mandatory anti-aliasing I had a
look at reimplementing support for GD in rrdtool.

I did a quick-and-dirty implementation (supporting only basic
polygons and lines, and text) and it seems to work OK. It does require
some heavy reorginazation of the code though, so I'd like to elicit
some comments/opinions before I do a clean implementation.

What I had in mind was the following short step-by-step program:

A, Implement support for multiple renderers
  1, Move all libart, perhaps also freetype, references out of
     rrd_gfx.[ch] to rrd_gfx_libart.[ch].
  2, Add --renderer={libart,gd,...}, where the available options
     depend on what configure finds. (Should no renderers be a
  3, Change relevant gfx_* functions to call gfx_*_[renderer], if
     renderer supports the function. (Or should function pointers
	 be used for speed (the gain ought to be negligible)?)

B, Implement rrd_gfx_gd.c

C, Enjoy bitmapped or anti-aliased output :)

Perhaps there should be a --renderer-options=flag1,flag2. For example,
gd supports but doesn't require freetype, --renderer-options=[no]freetype 
would [de]activate it. It also supports anti-aliasing, although I
guess libart should be used if AA is wanted.

Since step A requires some heavy reorganization, and some minor
rewrites to make gfx_node_t/etc independent of libart, I'd prefer to
have it implemented successfully (that is, working just as it is now)
before starting on step B.

Would anyone be interested in this? If I'm the only one, I'll just
link rrdtool against a patched libart with no anti-aliasing. :)

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