[rrd-developers] rrd_restore.c fix (for version 1.2.11)

Eric ZYLBERSTEJN ezylby at yahoo.fr
Mon Nov 21 20:45:58 MET 2005


Before :
    501   {"range-check",      required_argument, 0, 
    502   {"force-overwrite",     required_argument,
0,   'f'},

    509   opt = getopt_long(argc, argv, "r:f",
long_options, option_index);

After :

    501   {"range-check",         no_argument, 0,
    502   {"force-overwrite",     no_argument, 0,

    509   opt = getopt_long(argc, argv, "rf",
long_options, option_index);

Explanation :

With --force-overwrite or --range-check specified,
getopt_long() eats up the next argument and things get
messed up : readfile() tries to read the rrd file
instead of the xml.

Note 1 : short options -f or -r work properly with the
current code.

Note 2 : this fix hides the "double free" problem but
doesn't solve it.

It is caused by xml2rrd() freeing rrd -> stat_head
when something goes wrong, and not resetting it to

Then rrd_restore() tries to free the whole rrd
structure :

    531     if (xml2rrd(buf,&rrd,rc)==-1) {
    532         rrd_free(&rrd);
    533         free(buf);
    534         return -1;
    535     }

void rrd_free(rrd_t *rrd)
    if (rrd->stat_head) free(rrd->stat_head);

I guess these free(rrd -> stat_head); instructions in
xml2rrd() can be removed.



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