[rrd-developers] Re: status of threaded RRDTool and Perl

Eric ZYLBERSTEJN ezylby at yahoo.fr
Fri Nov 25 19:04:09 MET 2005


> has anybody tried to use threaded perl bindings with
> rrdtool ?  It
> seems like that the default perl-binding use the
> non-threaded version
> of RRDTool.

After reading a lot of the rrdtool source code and the
rrdthreads doc
here are my conclusions :
* the 1.2.x perl binding is an update of the 1.0.x
one, in order to conform to the new API (i.e.
rrd_graph now requires 3 more parameters)
* since that binding calls rrd_create() and not
rrd_create_r(), it still executes getopt_long() which
is not thread safe
* linking with librrd_th and keeping for example
rrd_create() is not enough to get a thread safe
* so far, I have found only one binding implementing
the thread safe API : Mark Proberts' Ruby binding

Implementing the thread safe API is of course possible
in XS. It requires a little bit more coding because
the API is not as generic as before.
Since some parameters are now required and in a
specific order, it could break a lot of the present
Perl code. One way to circumvent that could be to keep
the low level MT implementation in XS and offer a
compatible higher layer in Perl which decodes the
variable arguments list and calls the lower layer.



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