[rrd-developers] Re: How to get the most performance when using lots of RRD files

larryjadams at comcast.net larryjadams at comcast.net
Wed Aug 16 16:06:26 MEST 2006

> On Wed, Aug 16, 2006 at 07:19:01AM -0400, Richard A Steenbergen wrote:
> > I've been in a similar situation myself, doing 20-30 sec updates on 50k+ 
> > RRD files. 
> [...]
> > The big daddy of performance suck is then going to be, opening, closing, 
> > and seeking the right spot in the files every time.
> Have you considered saving up updates and do them (say) 10 at a time?
> Sure, this is going to be a problem for that one user that happens
> to want to see the data of the past few minutes.  But it would save
> you much disk access, wouldn't it?


Would the system benefit from either having multiple server processes accepting RRD update commands or a multi-threaded server process, or are all the updates disk bound (aka the disk is too busy)?  I have found that the RRD update process not to be too disk intensive, at least from the aggregate I/O perspective.  However, disk seeks may be keeping the heads pretty busy.  This I have not evaluated.


Larry Adams
The Cacti Group

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