[rrd-developers] Re: Wnat to use rrd into C

Travis Spencer travislspencer at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 21:07:49 MEST 2006

Hey Henrik (and everyone else),

Thanks for the example and info.  I have a few questions about it though.

On 7/7/06, Henrik Stoerner <henrik at hswn.dk> wrote:
> The C API is basically just like the commandline API. E.g. to create a
> graph you would run a command like

By using the C API directly, I have to link against librrd.  This
means that any such code that I write must be released under a
GPL-compatible license.  Correct?


>     /* Was it OK ? */
>     if (rrd_test_error() || (result != 0)) {
>         if (calcpr) {
>             int i;
>             for (i=0; (calcpr[i]); i++) free(calcpr[i]);
>             calcpr = NULL;
>         }

Does calcpr have to be freed later if the call to rrd_graph was
successful?  I don't see that in your example or in hobbitgraph.c
(which this example is very similar to).

Any incite would be much appreciated.



Travis Spencer

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