[rrd-developers] graphing functions

Daniel Abramowicz it02_dab at it.kth.se
Wed Mar 15 14:02:31 MET 2006

Hi again!

I have some questions regarding graphing functions.

First, I'd like to see whether I understood this right.

- AREA, is the integral of LINE
- TICK, is the Riemann integral (--> the sum of all ticks would in
infinity be  the same as area, integral)

And then I'm hoping for an explanation

* LINE[width]:value[#color][:[legend][:STACK]]
what does STACK do here? what is it stacking on and from? I've created
graphs but cannot understand what STACK does.

(while I'm at it..., though this maybe is more of a question on the
* PRINT:vname:format
It's written
that this will create a report, so this one is not shown on the graph?
I've tried this in the Perl example script 4charts.pl but cannot get it to
function, it seems to need the old deprecated function
PRINT:vname:CF:format. And when I try that one I cannot get it to work

A general question, are all these "new" functions (described on the
webpage above) fully implemented?

Thanks in advance,

Daniel Abramowicz

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