[rrd-developers] HRULE Deprecation

Chris Widhelm chris at widhelm.com
Wed May 17 20:40:18 MEST 2006


I was recently discussing on the rrd-user list about the deprecation of 
HRULE, and it was suggested that I make a query in the developers list 
regarding the possibility of a) Not deprecating HRULE or b) figuring out 
some way to make the LINEn suggested replacement able to be drawn only 
if something else makes the scale of the graph include it.

The reason for this request is due to how I am using HRULE.  I am 
graphing a threshold that I only want to show up when the scale of the 
graph would be high enough to include it.  This allows me to, for 
example, have a graph that graphs the interface bandwidth utilization of 
a 100 Mb connection with a threshold of 30 Mb and still be able to see 
peaks and valleys when the interface is only consuming 30 kb on average 
(assuming that the max did not go high enough to force this to scale off 
to begin with).

HRULE:30000000#FF0000:Critical (30 Mb)
LINE1:30000000#FF0000:Critical (30 Mb)

As was stated during the discussion on the rrd-user list, there are 
definite benefits using the LINEn version, in that you can have a line 
that is obviously more visible by setting the width of the line.  
However, that causes me to sacrifice the ability to conditionally draw 
the line that is provided by HRULE.  (As a side note, it would be great 
to enhance HRULE to support the width modifier.)

My biggest concern is that, although HRULE is currently only deprecated 
by documentation, I would hate to see a feature that I make extensive 
use of prevent me from upgrading to use future enhancements and features.

Any suggestions?



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