[rrd-developers] log2rrd update

Antonis Papagrigoriou apapa at forthnet.gr
Thu Jan 25 09:48:41 CET 2007


I had to convert my mrtg log files to rrd so i have download the log2rrd 
script from the 1.2 contrib folder.

It is a great script but i need  to move the maximal values too, something 
that the script dindn't do it. 

So i patched the script to do it, and after converting many log to rrds I 
thing it works ok. (comparing mrtg and rrd yearly and monthly graphs).

Now it's a bit slower but the heartbeat time is endering correct 600 sec and 
the maximal values also, without changing the average values

So i wonder how can i contrib this script.
(it based on the log2rrd script that Alan Lichty has Wrote)

Excuse my poor English.
If this mail is sent to the wrong list please inform me 


Antonis Papagrigoriou
Electrical Engineer & Computers Engineer

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