[rrd-developers] Seg fault with r1094

Matthew Chambers matthew.chambers at vanderbilt.edu
Fri Jun 1 18:34:16 CEST 2007

> I've linked librrd statically for that "rrdtool-ppc32" binary (look at
> ldd and the binary size, compared to a purely dynamically linked
> version).

Yeah, I noticed that after I sent the email.  I had already done a "file" on
both binaries and it said they were both dynamically linked, but I didn't do
anything else to discover between fully dynamically linked or not.  I looked
at your command history and saw that you did manual gcc commands to compile
it statically because your configure line wasn't different than mine (other
than the debug stuff).  How do I do a static build with just configure?  And
preferably, I want to get the dynamic build working and I'm sure other
people will too.

> As i already sent you in private, the one box looks quite suspicious,
> given that it's RPM database seems to be corrupted, i.e. i wouldn't be
> convincend anymore that updates work like you'd expect. In general, a
> box with a broken RPM databse is doomed, in my experience.

It's actually a pretty fresh install as it is.  I don't think the RPM db is
corrupted.  PPC differs from x86 in that Fedora, at least, enjoys installing
both the PPC and PPC64 versions of many packages, and apparently the RPM -qa
command you used didn't show that since it didn't list the arch:
freetype.ppc                             2.2.1-16.fc6           installed
freetype.ppc64                           2.2.1-16.fc6           installed

> In my POV trunk is fine on PPC with 32bit (I've even did some cursory
> checks on an ia64 box to see if there are any unexpected problems on
> 64bit setups, and all is well) and any other arch for that matter.

Yes, it seems to be my setup.  The code appears to be fine as long as it
uses the right version of the library.  But I'd like to know how to figure
out which library it's using if it's not using the one that just got
compiled?  And why isn't the dynamic build properly setting up the library
so that the right one gets used?

And isn't it also possible that the dynamic build of rrdtool on PPC doesn't
work whereas a static build does work?


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