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Fri Mar 30 03:59:52 CEST 2007

Goldburt, Dan wrote:
> Larry,
> I'm using Cacti also, so I could install the boost plugin. From what
> I've read (and the documentation is still in its formative state, as far
> as I can tell), the relevant features only mention batched updates to
> RRD. We don't have issues with performance on update. Can you please
> describe any fetch/export services that boost provides. I also don't
> understand how "This service allows you to add multiple Cacti servers to
> your web farm allowing all the servers
> to participate in the "on demand" RRD update and viewing process." This
> is the first I've heard about distributed Cacti backends. Sorry if I
> seem to be veering too far into the Cacti domain for this listserve's
> intentions. But if Cacti can separate the server that populates the rrd
> files from the server that presentats the data, that's what I'd be
> interested in.
> Thanks,
> Dan
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>> Goldburt, Dan wrote:
>>> Greetings RRDers,
>>> I am wondering if any of you have done or have any advice on a 
>>> webservice arround rrdtool. We have a large repository of rrd files 
>>> and would like to make that data available from a remote server.
>>> I know you can run rrdtool as a service (from the Remote Control 
>>> section of the docs), but I'm looking for something that 
>> will allow me 
>>> to make requests via HTTP.
>>> Has anyone used the POE component here:
>> http://backpan.perl.org/authors/id/T/TC/TCAINE/POE-Component-RRDTool-0
>>> .1
>>> 8.readme
>>> Would it still function with RRD 1.2?
>>> Thanks for any direction,
>>> DG
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>> I use Cacti and the Boost plugin to provide these services.  
>> But of course, I am a Cacti developer, so it's easy for me to decide.
>> Larry Adams
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This is exactly what boost is designed for.  The poller takes 
instructions as to what to update from the web servers, then the web 
servers sym link to the RRA folder and perform the graph rendering.  It 
also provides for PNG caching that is a big winner for larger sites.  As 
far as fetch and export are concerned, that would be very easy to 
implement.  Right now the boost_server has very limited syntax and 
security built in, but adding those two commands to the set of 
acceptable commands would not be too much work.  I would be willing to 
colaborate in order to make it more of a generic server.

As per the documentation, the users using Boost have dropped poller 
times a whole order of magnitude.  That's pretty cool when you used to 
poll things in 3 minutes, it's now taking 30 seconds.

Boost will allow you to expand to several servers, then all you need is 
to provide a load ballancer in front of the main server.  I have not 
written any formal documentation on the distributed approach, but in the 
Linux/Unix space, it's easy enough.  You know I used to love DOS/Windows 
for 27 years but Linux RULES!!!  Contact me privately if you would like 
to consult more on this subject.


Larry Adams
aka TheWitness

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