[rrd-developers] [Ganglia-developers] Web frontend graph sizes

Martin Knoblauch knobi at knobisoft.de
Fri May 18 09:24:54 CEST 2007


 cool. This would make the size calculations for the web frontend much
much easier. I always wondered why RRDTOOL does not have a way to
specify the size of the whole image.


--- Matthew Chambers <matthew.chambers at vanderbilt.edu> wrote:

> I have made changes to the development version of rrdtool's graph
> mode that
> introduces a "--full-size-mode" option which, when enabled, will
> cause the
> -width and -height parameters to refer to that actual size of the
> output
> image.  The main graph area is automatically adjusted based on the
> space
> necessary for the legend, border spacing, graph title, axis labels,
> and the
> y axis name (and also the pie chart, but does anybody use that?). 
> Without
> --full-size-mode, the -width and -height parameters control the main
> graph
> area's dimensions as usual.
> RRDTOOL folks, is this contribution something that would be useful in
> a
> future release?
> HTH,
> Matt Chambers
> >
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