[rrd-developers] What does the future hold

Alexander V Alekseev alex at alemate.ru
Sat May 26 18:28:46 CEST 2007


 	It seems my mail system has missed the mail message from Tobi,
so I picked up the next message in thread to answer.

On Sat, 26 May 2007, Ian Holsman wrote:

>> thanks for your patch ... but, before you invest any further time
>> in altering 1.2.x please take a look at the svn trunk of rrdtool
 	I just needed current RRD to generate proper SVG right now
therefore I've created that patch.

>> development for 1.3 has started in earnest ...
 	I'll have a look at it on Monday.

BTW: rrdfraph always outputs something to stdout/stderr.
Even if the picture generation succeeds, it prints image size
to stdout. This makes rrdgraph usage as a cron job rather an ugly
thing. I created another patch to implement "-q" "--quiet" option.
But for 1.2.x version it seems bad, as rrdtool has mode-specific
command arguments parsing, and the offending printf() is done
in global part. There is no global place to store flags. I had
to add "flags" field to global context structure, and this way
was able to pass "-q" flag from mode-specific to global code of
 	This implementation seems ugly, and the right idea,
I suppose, is this: Pass some structure like "request mode" from main()
to all mode-specific code parts. It would allow to pass full status
information back to main().

 	If I try to implement this option in 1.3.x, what is the
right way to do it?

 		Bye. Alex.

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