[rrd-developers] Seg fault with r1094

Matthew Chambers matthew.chambers at vanderbilt.edu
Thu May 31 19:05:44 CEST 2007

I'll attach the whole build log.  The only warnings I saw in it were about
Clock skew.  PPC Mac Minis have the worst system clock you've ever seen.  I
seriously think it lost half a second from the time the build started to
when it was halfway through.  But I don't know if that would cause a truly
inconsistent build.  I ran the gdb line and 'bt f' on it after this build
finished, and it gave the same results. :(  I used:
./configure --prefix=/frogstar/usr/ppc CFLAGS='-O0 -g3 -ggdb3 -W -Wall';
make; make install
Because I couldn't get your line to work, although now I realize that that
was because they were supposed to be on 3 separate lines.  Oops.  But
hopefully a copy/paste of the entire build output from the terminal into a
file is more or less the same? :)


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> On Thu, May 31, 2007 at 11:06:42AM -0500, Matthew Chambers wrote:
> >Binutils/gcc versions:
> >binutils.ppc                   
> >gcc.ppc                                  4.1.1-30
> >
> >Attached is the rrd, and here's 'bt f', but did I not compile everything
> >with -g properly?  This same rrd and all the others work fine with the
> This looks like an inconsistent build. Please do:
> $ make clean distclean
> $ ./MakeMakefile
> $ (CFLAGS="-O0 -g3 -ggdb3 -W -Wall" ./configure \
> --prefix=/there) 2>&1 >&1 | tee mk.conf.log
> $ (make ; echo $?) 2>&1 >&1 | tee mk.all.log
> $ make install
> and resend the resulting "backtrace full" from gdb, the mk.conf.log and
> 'grep -i warning mk.all.log'
> TIA,
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