[rrd-developers] Seg fault with r1094

Matthew Chambers matthew.chambers at vanderbilt.edu
Thu May 31 19:36:11 CEST 2007

> On Thu, May 31, 2007 at 10:05:02AM -0500, Matthew Chambers wrote:
> >I am compiling rrdtool on PPC (G4) and running it on PPC64 (G5).  This
> has
> The pointer size is the same on PPC and PPC64?

When a G5 runs a PPC64 binary compiled with -m64, the pointer size is 64 bit
AFAIK, and when it runs a PPC binary it's 32 bit.  Unlike x86 though, there
are no other benefits to going 64 bit other than 64 bit arithmetic and 64
bit memory addressing, and there's still the same code bloat.  For that
reason, and also because the only G5 we have is the head node of our
cluster, I compile almost everything as PPC.  In the case of rrdtool, I
actually have to compile it from the G4 because the G5's dual 64/32 library
setup doesn't get along with rrdtool's build system.

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