[rrd-developers] Documentation fixes

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at vandenbogaerdt.nl
Mon Dec 22 11:13:35 CET 2008

>> I noticed that the spelling of "RRDtool" is very inconsistent. In some
>> places it's "rrdtool" while in other places it's either "RRDtool" or
>> "RRDTool" (small vs. capital 't'). IIrc, even the website is inconsis-
>> tent in that respect. Tobi, what do you consider to be the official
>> spelling?
> Yep that middle T is not very stable ... If I could concentrate
> myself enough, it wouyld always be
> RRDtool
> except in examples where it would be rrdtool

How I always interpreted this: the command line says rrdtool (and thus so do 
examples etcetera), when talking about RRDtool say RRDtool.

Also: I always used one RRD, two RRDs for round robin databases (I think 
RRDs.pm is an unfortunate choice in this respect), one RRA, two RRAs for 
RRDtool archives within such a database. 

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