[rrd-developers] BUG: attempt to put segment in horiz list twice ??

Kathirvel, Jeevanandam Jeevanandam.Kathirvel at honeywell.com
Wed Dec 24 12:41:53 CET 2008



I am getting the below message while generating "PNG" image format using
rrdtool graph 

"BUG: attempt to put segment in horiz list twice ??"

1.	rrdtool graph command is called using system call popen();
2.	Even if I redirect the error message to /dev/null the graph is
not generated. Browser is hanged.

Call returning with 0 bytes after 2-3 min.

        3.   It is not happening every time, it is happening 1 out of 5


How to avoid this error message....is there any fix for this issue.




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