[rrd-developers] "rrdtool restore" error handling and implementation

Terje Bless link at pobox.com
Fri Feb 22 09:03:21 CET 2008

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tobi at oetiker.ch (Tobias Oetiker) wrote:

>rrdtool restore should not crash ... it should complain ... could you
>please send me that crasher example ? The shorter the better!

Attached (as minimal as I can make it). CC'ed in case the list 
eats attachments.

The pattern is an RRD with two RRAs, each with one DS. When I 
add a DS to the first RRA, but not to the second, rrdtool 
restore segfaults. I think I've eliminated other editing errors 
(values, cdef, etc.), but I'm not that well versed in rrdtool so 
it's not unreasonable to assume I've made other booboos in there.

This is with rrdtool 1.2.23 on RHEL5 x86. I can't easily build 
SVN trunk on that box (among other things it's behind paranoid 
firewalls etc.), so I haven't tested if this problem still 
exists there. If necessary I can try and get set up for testing 
this on a Fedora box.

HTH, -link

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