[rrd-developers] MakeMakefile output

Bernard Li bernard at vanhpc.org
Thu Jul 24 01:33:29 CEST 2008

Hi all:

Is the following output for ./MakeMakefile okay?

# ./MakeMakefile
libtool --version = 1.5.14  (expecting 1.5.14 or later)
automake  --version = 1.9.5  (expecting 1.9.5 or later)
autoconf --version = 2.59  (expecting 2.59 or later)
intltoolize --version = 0.35.0  (expecting 0.35.0 or later)
Removing old Makefiles
Cleaning out other leftovers
+ intltoolize --automake -c -f
+ aclocal
aclocal:configure.ac:479: warning: macro `AM_GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT' not
found in library
+ libtoolize --copy --force
You should update your `aclocal.m4' by running aclocal.
+ autoheader --force
+ aclocal
aclocal:configure.ac:479: warning: macro `AM_GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT' not
found in library
+ automake --foreign --add-missing --force-missing --copy
configure.ac: installing `./install-sh'
configure.ac: installing `./missing'
src/Makefile.am:63: Libtool library used but `LIBTOOL' is undefined
src/Makefile.am:63: The usual way to define `LIBTOOL' is to add
src/Makefile.am:63: to `configure.ac' and run `aclocal' and `autoconf' again.
src/Makefile.am: installing `./compile'
src/Makefile.am: installing `./depcomp'
+ autoconf --force
configure.ac:361: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_PROG_LIBTOOL
      If this token and others are legitimate, please use m4_pattern_allow.
      See the Autoconf documentation.
configure.ac:479: error: possibly undefined macro: AM_GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT

When I run ./configure subsequently, I get:

Libintl Processing
./configure: line 7954: syntax error near unexpected token `0.35.0,no-xml'
./configure: line 7954: `  IT_PROG_INTLTOOL(0.35.0,no-xml)'

intltool and libxml2-devel have both been installed:

# rpm -q intltool
# rpm -q libxml2-devel

This is a CentOS 4.x box, and I manually installed libtool and
automake from sources.



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