[rrd-developers] it exposes too much ...

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Tue Jun 10 09:24:17 CEST 2008

Today Sebastian Harl wrote:

> > This will be for 1.4 and so exporting stuff in this direction now,
> > while there are no accessor functions nor an opaque data type is
> > not an ideal move, since it might prompt some users to start using
> > the lowlevel access functions befor they are properly available and
> > then come whining when things break with 1.4s proper accessor
> > functions ...
> Okay, so why not completely remove the low-level functions from the API
> again (i.e. don't even export them at all)? This would clearly state
> that this kind of interface is not supported right now. I still think
> that it's better to either completely support some interface or not
> support it at all - else it would create much more confusion than some
> properly documented changes. If I understand you correctly, your main
> concern is to prevent confusion rather than some possible future SONAME
> version change, right?

well yes that was my initial thought too, but the problem is that
this wil intentionally break applications of people who have been
using these lowlevel functions until now. I am not into breaking
applications, I just don't want to encurage anyone to create new
ones ... Maybe I am just too soft :-)


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