[rrd-developers] Accelerator Daemon

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Tue Jun 24 23:44:45 CEST 2008

Hi Sebastian,

Today Sebastian Harl wrote:

>    merge at an appropriate time. Or, it could pass the data to the
>    daemon but that's what the user did not want for whatever reason. So,
>    imho either solution is not what we would want.

if the user 'wants' to screw things, he should be able to, no
problem there, but if he calls his frontend with the wrong options
and thus looses data, it is not a good thing. I think this becomes
especially pronounced if the rrdtool daemon can write a journal and
after a crash, the daemon should replay the journal and some direct
updates prevent that ...

>  - I guess there could be quite a few ways how to get into that
>    situation (i.e. having pending updates) and I don't think it will be
>    possible to think of all of them. So this whole mechanism could be
>    quite error prone.

:-) think solution not obstacle, I don't have the solution yet, but
I think it would be good if we at least tried to find something
sensible ... that idea the the daemon should run as a diffeerent
user might be an avenue. This would be solving the problem on a
logical level.


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