[rrd-developers] controlling rrdtool RAM usage

Kathirvel, Jeevanandam Jeevanandam.Kathirvel at honeywell.com
Tue Nov 11 07:03:46 CET 2008


We are observing more RAM usage(50-60%) by the RRDtool when we do
periodic updates & graph generation.


Please find more details for the problem:

1.	rrdtool version used - 1.2.28, RAM space available : 128 MB
2.	rrdtool update is called using the Linux system call ( popen)
from the application thread at every 15 sec for each rrd file ( maximum
20 rrd files)
3.	rrdtool Graph is called using the Linux system call (popen) from
the apache module at every 1 min if web page is opened.
4.	After some runtime, >6 rrdtool instances are active and takes
50-60% RAM and causing the system to hang


Please help us, how to avoid more rrdtool instances and more RAM usage.
Is there effective way to call rrdtool functions.




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