[rrd-developers] controlling rrdtool RAM usage

Kathirvel, Jeevanandam Jeevanandam.Kathirvel at honeywell.com
Thu Nov 13 06:45:26 CET 2008



Please find the attached image, which shows CPU & RAM usage by the
rrdtool. It looks like some dead lock happened among rrdtool instances.
Is anyone can help us to resolve this issue?

Whether rrdtool logs any debug messages? 






From: Kathirvel, Jeevanandam 
Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 11:34 AM
To: rrd-developers at lists.oetiker.ch
Subject: controlling rrdtool RAM usage 



We are observing more RAM usage(50-60%) by the RRDtool when we do
periodic updates & graph generation.


Please find more details for the problem:

1.	rrdtool version used - 1.2.28, RAM space available : 128 MB
2.	rrdtool update is called using the Linux system call ( popen)
from the application thread at every 15 sec for each rrd file ( maximum
20 rrd files)
3.	rrdtool Graph is called using the Linux system call (popen) from
the apache module at every 1 min if web page is opened.
4.	After some runtime, >6 rrdtool instances are active and takes
50-60% RAM and causing the system to hang


Please help us, how to avoid more rrdtool instances and more RAM usage.
Is there effective way to call rrdtool functions.




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