[rrd-developers] implementing portable format - change format?

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Sat Nov 15 15:44:03 CET 2008

Hi Igor,

Yesterday Igor Sfiligoi wrote:

> Hi Kevin and Tobi.
> Since you are planning to radically change the format, have you considered
> going a more "standard" way?
> Instead of having a completely RRDTool specific format, use something
> other tools could easily read?
> What about SQLite?
> It is already portable.
> And it is a database ;)
> It should be pretty easy to define a schema that serves RRDTool well.
> Would it be worth a consideration?
> Igor

yes the thought has crossed my mind, the problem with SQL databases
is that they are not realy good at updating round robin archives,
du to transactional consistancy constraints they will create
internal fragmentation which will cause performance to suffer

BUT it would be an interesting thought to see, if we can abstract
the interface enough so that writing a 'plugin' for an sqlite
storage backend becomes easy ...

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