[rrd-developers] RFC new DS type DGAUGE

kevin brintnall kbrint at rufus.net
Sun Nov 16 06:16:03 CET 2008

On Sun, Nov 16, 2008 at 05:37:12AM +0100, Tobias Oetiker wrote:
> sum of values divided by number of values ...

I can see how it would work for multiple simultaneous updates.. i.e.:

  update(t:v1 t:v2 t:v3);

It's not immediately obvious to me how it would work for updates in the
same step that are made separately.  i.e.:

  update(t:v1);  update(t:v2);  update(t:v3).

Where would we keep track of how many times we've already updated for a
given step ?

 kevin brintnall =~ /kbrint at rufus.net/

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