[rrd-developers] Add `FETCH' command to rrdcached

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Mon Apr 6 17:11:25 CEST 2009

Hi Florian,

finally I  got  the  time to have a closer look at the patches ...
allowing remote access to rrd data seems like a logical extension,
so I am fine with it ... I would want to schedule this for 1.5
though and not rush it into 1.4

that said, there are two things that come to mind:

a) looking at the patch I see that the flushing operation is
   included in rrd_graph (this is not new). I am wondering why this
   is? In my book it would make more sense to flush the daemon in
   the rrd_fetch code and have rrd_fetch work transparently to

b) one of the benefits of allowing remote access would be that I
   can pull in data from one or several remote daemons. I would
   suggest the following.

   - when called with normal filenames, the code would acct
     accoring to the environment variable settings or the --daemon

   - alternatively rrd_graph (rrd_fetch) should support a extended
     filename syntax: port at server/rrd_path (I am not using :port
     since : is already a separator in the rrd_graph syntax

     with this syntax we should be able to use remote access
     transparently from existing tools.

finally, I am planning to add shared secret based authentication to
1.5 so that one can use the cached over the network even when the
network is not inside a firewalled cluser.


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