[rrd-developers] Leopard and RRDTool [06-231A6645Q7] (BCC to RRDTool dev's)

D.Walsh info at daleenterprise.com
Wed Apr 8 15:19:47 CEST 2009

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	due to the 32bit/64bit file compatibility issues of the RRDTook  
10.4.9 software I am unable to recommend or endorse the software and  
this is why it has been abandoned.

As outlined in my original notes and decided by your department, the  
newer versions or RRDTool are too complex by design to metastasize  
with the OpenGL and Quartz frameworks and I was unsuccessful at  
getting the authors/developer of RRDTool to work out the 32bit/64bit  
file compatibility issues in the older 10.4.9 software.

Unfortunately my position has not changed, as long as the RRDTool  
10.4.9 software has the 32bit/64bit file compatibility issue I see  
little hope in resurrecting it or in Apple adopting the software  
unless you assign it to Brian Berry in the hopes that he can  
substitute the external font dependancies in the newer version  
(provided a stable branch can be found in time) for the embedded  
fonts from the 10.4.9 version and still allow sufficient time for  
testing before the release of Snow.

As it stands, my work with the dovecot software and the Apple- 
ColdFusion engine leaves little time for me to learn how to use the  
RRDTool software so without a working package I have no choice but to  
abandon it but if you should find some similar software I would be  
more than happy to take a look at it and submit notes for evaluation.

On Apr 07, 2009, at 03:46 AM, Apple Project Coordinator wrote:
> Dale,
> your submission for RRDTool was scheduled to be included in
> Leopard (10.5) but 3 days before it's release you suspended the
> project and have made no effort to finish the package to be
> environmentally compliant and it appears to be abandonded, have
> you decided that the product is no longer suited towards Mac OS X
> in general or are still attempting to resolve the noted issues.
> We are asking because Snow-Leopard (10.6) is scheduled to be
> released soon and still believe that this product would be beneficial
> for the server environment if you can make it work.
> James

- - -- Dale

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