[rrd-developers] [RRDCacheD] Authentication

Thorsten von Eicken tve at voneicken.com
Thu Apr 9 16:52:21 CEST 2009

Tobias Oetiker wrote:
>>> my problem is that in the end my name is tied with rrdtool and people
>>> WILL use it unresponsible and wrongly ... I am sure ... so if we do
>>> not even provide security this might be a PR night mare for me ...
>>> which I would rather avoid
>> I have to admit that this statement makes me angry. I've avoided
>> replying to your previous statement for precisely this reason, but since
>> you keep pushing that point I feel I have to comment.
>> The mere fact that you justify your point with fear about your good name
>> is an affront towards Kevin and me, the actual authors of the software
>> in question, as it seems to imply that you intend to take credit for our
>> work.
>> Maybe it'd be for the best if we removed ?rrdcached? from the ?RRDtool?
>> sources again and I was developing it as a separate project again. The
>> ?rrdc_*? functions would be provided by a client library which could be
>> used by ?RRDtool? if available. Just say the word and I'll provide a
>> patch.
> I love the rrdcached functionality and all the work you did on it
> and I would not want to miss it.
> But it also makes me sad to see you angry or unhappy. So if you
> feel that it is better for you to run your own show, I am perfectly
> ok with you doing a fork of the cache daemon and hooking it up to
> librrd. This will give you the freedom to develop it in any
> direction you feel is sensible.

Guys, I fear this is descending into a non productive direction. Why
don't the two of you just pick up an old-fashioned phone or link up via
IRC or whatnot and just "talk it out". I'm sure you can resolve this
disagreement in a nice manner that allows us to continue enjoying the
good collaboration between collectd and rrdtool. Cheers!

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