[rrd-developers] rrdtool-1.3.8: ./libtool: No such file or directory

Peter Volkov pva at gentoo.org
Wed Jul 8 12:07:44 CEST 2009

Hi. Libtool-2 by default creates ./libtool executable during
config.status run and that means it's unavailable during ./configure.
This produces error during ./configure:

Test Library Functions
checking for acos... no
checking for acos in -lm... yes
./configure: line 12488: ./libtool: No such file or directory

Although program builds successfully this problem was reported by our
user[1] and I think it's worth to fix it. Patch in attachment.

Another problem we experience. If we call aclocal in rrdtool directory
it'll fail with the error:

aclocal-1.10: couldn't open directory `m4': No such file or directory

Please, revert m4 directory if possible or remove ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS from

[1] http://bugs.gentoo.org/272767

With best regards,
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