[rrd-developers] Suggestion for API extension

Dan Cech dan at ubersmith.com
Thu Jul 30 15:18:15 CEST 2009

Hi Benny,

Benny Baumann wrote:
> I recently discovered the PHP extension for RRDTool which is available
> as a contribution to RRDTool. This extension runs successfully with
> latest PHP5, but misses some functions of current RRDTool releases (no
> rrd_dump, no rrd_info). I'm currently working on updating the PHP
> extension to also include these operations.

Funny, I've been doing some work on the PHP rrdtool extension myself in
the last couple of weeks.  It's not quite ready for prime-time yet, but
I have completed the following:

- remove requirement to send argument count to rrd_graph
- add support for rrd_xport
- remove requirement to send argument count to rrd_fetch
- support multiple update values in rrd_update
- support rrd_lastupdate
- support rrd_first
- clean up phpinfo() output

I was planning to tackle rrd_info next, but haven't looked at rrd_dump.

Dan Cech
Ubersmith, Inc.

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