[rrd-developers] patch for legends position

Melchior Rabe rrdtool at mrab.de
Wed Mar 18 23:01:22 CET 2009

Hi Tobi,

Tobias Oetiker wrote:

> thanks very much for your patch, I will integrate it ...

That's making me smile, as this is my first contribution to OSS :-)

> you are right about the whole legend placeing code ... it is in
> need of refactoring ... the code is quite old and enhanced way
> beiond the original intention and suffers from short variable name
> illness.

If you like, I can complete the drawing that is in the zip file to document the thoughts I had. If there is any "style guide" or sample how to name variables, structures, ... I can try to enhance the code. Up to now I tried to keep close to the conventions that I found in the existing code.



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