[rrd-developers] patch to do vertical gradients

Rian Shelley rians at cc.usu.edu
Thu Nov 5 20:33:34 CET 2009

This time i remembered to attach the patch :D

> thanks for this ... it looks cool ... quersion though, is there
> some information carying capability in this feature ?

Not really. For the most part, I wanted to add some control over how
the AREA's were drawn, especially when you have two of them on the
same graph that keep covering one another, it makes it easier for the
eye to pick out the two graphs, as opposed to simply using an alpha,
which gives a solid color that can be mis-interpreted as another

I also wanted the ability to make it so that peak values could be
highlighted in a different color if desired, as in a cpu graph going
from green through yellow to red.

I haven't thought about making it carry information, although it might
be neat to show temporal distribution of an average value (ie, turn
the dataset on its side, and make it represent color instead of
displacement). I don't really know how to get into that, since all
I've played with so far is the drawing code.

> can you please also add a patch for the documentation ?

Hopefully the attached patch will suffice.

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