[rrd-developers] storing arbitrary metadata in rrd

Spike Spiegel fsmlab at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 23:25:21 CEST 2009


I believe this topic has come up before and unless I missed it I do
not recall or could find a solution and I keep bumping into situations
where I'd pay for that support, and I mean literally :). Unfortunately
iirc there was some major rewrite necessary in order to be able to
support such feature, which as a result meant that this wasn't going
to happen any time soon. Is that correct? and if yes, has the
situation changed? I'd like to make sure of what is what before
seriously considering to ship an sqlite file with my rrds (and use
uuids for rrdnames). Even a large set of rrds with a few attributes
would be pretty small and fit in memory and in terms of writes it
shouldn't be that much I/O overhead.


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