[rrd-developers] Update ex post?

Till Dörges doerges at pre-sense.de
Mon Aug 23 19:40:01 CEST 2010

Hello everyone,

I know that RRDtool doesn't support updates ex post and that this is by design. I've
looked around a bit and didn't manage to find a more a detailed reasoning as to why
this is so. So I'd be very curious about pointers or hints.

Along the same lines, RRDtool is in deed the best OSS tool I'm aware of for recording
and visualization of time series :-) - sometimes except for the missing ability to
provide updates for time slots in the past. I'm wondering how much effort would it
take to extend RRDtool to provide such a feature? (I've seen rrdgraph_libdbi which is
already kind of close if you don't worry about aggregation/consolidation.)

TIA -- Till
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