[rrd-developers] RRDTOOL xport issue whereas RRDTOOL fetch is fine

swami swami at infineta.com
Fri Jan 8 03:45:33 CET 2010

Hi All,
         I am finding this issue of rrd xport not returning rows whereas the rrd fetch is returning rows with the same parameters.
Would be great if any of you could help me or have faced this issue.I am using rrdtool version 1.3.6.

Below is the snapshot of the commands executed and their result .

RRDTOOL FETCH: returns one row as shown below 

[root at dev006 ~]# /usr/local/third-party/rrd/bin/rrdtool fetch /var/stats/rrd_data/service_class_data/service_class_TESTSC04.rrd AVERAGE -r 3 -s 1262886000 -e 1262886180
            AccelTrafficBytesIn PThruTrafficBytesIn     GoodPutBytesOut      GoodPutBytesIn     WanPThruBytesIn            BytesOut

1262886600: 4.3554497354e+02 0.0000000000e+00 1.6151587302e+02 5.8164285714e+02 0.0000000000e+00 5.6100264550e+03

RRDTOOL XPORT  : things to observe
1)  in the result , step is 600 eventhough step is set to 3 in the command
2) start and end time in the result are not the same as in the command 
3) no rows are returned.

[root at dev006 ~]# /usr/local/third-party/rrd/bin/rrdtool xport --step 3 -s 1262886000 -e 1262886180 DEF:aval=/var/stats/rrd_data/service_class_data/service_class_TESTSC04.rrd:AccelTrafficBytesIn:AVERAGE DEF:bval=/var/stats/rrd_data/service_class_data/service_class_TESTSC04.rrd:BytesOut:AVERAGE DEF:cval=/var/stats/rrd_data/service_class_data/service_class_TESTSC04.rrd:GoodPutBytesIn:AVERAGE DEF:dval=/var/stats/rrd_data/service_class_data/service_class_TESTSC04.rrd:GoodPutBytesOut:AVERAGE CDEF:a=aval,UN,0,aval,IF,8,* CDEF:b=bval,UN,0,bval,IF,8,* CDEF:c=cval,UN,0,cval,IF,8,* CDEF:d=dval,UN,0,dval,IF,8,* CDEF:dr1=d,100,*,a,/ CDEF:dr=100,dr1,- CDEF:ci=a,d,/ CDEF:civ=ci,UN,1,ci,IF CDEF:cival=civ,1,MAX XPORT:dr XPORT:cival XPORT:a XPORT:b XPORT:c XPORT:d
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