[rrd-developers] php rrd extension - way of merging

Miroslav Kubelík - seznam koubel at seznam.cz
Tue Jun 15 13:37:46 CEST 2010

I have first version with attempt to merging old php extension code and my  
new one.

I'm using rrd_arguments object (struct in C sense but works as object)  
 from Ben code
as object which is responsible for formatting and preparing array of  
arguments for API function calls.

I'm using this in both OOP wrapper and old procedural wrapper.

Nowadays implemented only in rrd_update, hence see rrd.c/h, rrd_update.c/h.
There is a little change in procedural wrapper against old extension:
only this format of call will be available rrd_update($filename,  
$arrayOfOptionsVals); no rrd_update($filename, $stringWithOptionsVals);

This will be a way o merging other old rrd function wrappers and new OO  

I still struggling for pecl account, If it fails, I'll move it on github  
 from my mercurial repo when will be ready.

Miroslav Kubelik

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