[rrd-developers] Backwards compatability from 1.4.3 to 1.2.30

Euphoria Audio ea at euphoriaaudio.com
Thu Jun 24 14:23:16 CEST 2010

Hello! I was testing the Win32 build of 1.4.3 and ran into a problem where it is unable to read an RRD I created in 1.2.30 in Windows. I'm following Alex's great tutorial and created the 1.2.30 version of the rrd without any problems. Then I try to open that file in 1.4.3 and it fails on open, expecting a length of 1032 instead of 1024, so it's missing 8 bytes. If I create a new rrd in 1.4.3 following the tutorial, it works fine, but the values are off and there's a bug I'm trying to find with the timestamps being set sometime in the future. Both versions of rrdtool show that both rrds are version 0003. Was there new header information or anything added to 1.4? Thanks!

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