[rrd-developers] Tiny, tiny documentation fix

"Peter Valdemar Mørch (Lists)" 4ux6as402 at sneakemail.com
Wed May 5 07:36:20 CEST 2010

 > svn info | grep URL
URL: svn://svn.oetiker.ch/rrdtool/trunk/program/doc

 > svn diff
Index: rrdgraph.pod
--- rrdgraph.pod	(revision 2077)
+++ rrdgraph.pod	(working copy)
@@ -263,7 +263,7 @@

  By default the format of the axis labels gets determined automatically. If
  you want to do this your self, use this option with the same %lf arguments
-you know from the PRING and GPRINT commands.
+you know from the PRINT and GPRINT commands.

  =head2 Legend

Peter Valdemar Mørch

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