[rrd-developers] Discuss regarding Ticket 263

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Tue May 25 09:23:16 CEST 2010

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> I agree that 0 could serve as a value for undefined since rrdtool
> curently does not let you use dates before 1980 when creating an
> rrd (this is an arbitrary choice in the code and could be removed
> with a very short patch). In 1.5 we shuld be able todo this at
> least for platforms using 64bit dates.
> In general I think it is a sub optimal solution to use inband
> signaling ... here we can get proper out of band signaling without
> any disadvantage ... so I welcome this.

By all means, do it, like I said: just my 2ct :)

I do not remember it very well, it has been years ago, but just know that I 
did the work with 0 actually meaning false. Please make sure not to overlook 
any tests that may be in the code, easily overlooked and then you have a 


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