[rrd-developers] RRD Web 2.0 style Demo Java Web Application

Peter Stamfest peter at stamfest.at
Thu Nov 4 08:28:11 CET 2010

Hi List,

In the last few weeks I have already shown you two of the things I'm 
currently working on (Java RRD binding and interactively exploring an RRD 
graph using "Web-2.0" style interaction with a graph itself).

I have now whipped up a demo Java Webapp (in the form of a WAR file) 
integrating these two technologies. The implementation is dual-licensed 
(GPL or commercially for my own projects). Consulting on these things is 
of course possible ;-)

Have fun!


Mercurial repository for the Web-App:


For the current java-rrd binding:


(use "hg clone <URL>" to clone the repo)

And the web-app can be downloaded from:


Unfortunately, it does not work under all Java Application-Servers due to 
problems with the DWR (http://directwebremoting.org/dwr/index.html) 
library in some such servers (specifically, jetty does not work).

It does work using tomcat, though.

Feedback would be welcome!

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